Pressure Compensated Drip pipes

and Irrigation Drip Tape UK

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PE Drip Tape UK Irrigation Pipe, Drip tape, Coils or lengths available in store, be sure to contact us ref bulk enquirys.

LDPE pipe – Low Density Polyethylene Pipe

For use in irrigation systems, water delivery systems, sprinkler stands and civil projects.

PE Pipe is suitable for Live stock drinking systems including Pigs and Poultry farms.

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PE pipe has the following advantages

Large temperature range: -40ºC to +60ºC.
Good chemical resistance.
Long life.
Smooth internal surface.
Does not conduct electricity.
UV stabilised, perfect for outside use.
Relatively low cost.



Drip Irrigation PE Spike PE Irrigation – Drip Anchoring Spike Drip Anchoring Spike 16mm/20mm Packs of 10  


Hydro-S drip tape – Garden Irrigation Systems UK The major feature of Hydro-S drip tape is the large labyrinth contained within each dripper. This technically advanced labyrinth enables accurate and consistent water distribution whilst minimising the potential for clogging. The dripper provides excellent anti-syphon properties should a vacuum occur within the drip line. Colour: black [...]


Hydro S: Drip Tape – 16mm x 3000mtrs The Hydro-S seamless drip tape comes with 1 single blue coextruded stripe on top of the labyrinth for correct installation. Recommended filtration: 100 micron. Maximum Lateral Length based on 85% Emission Uniformity on flat ground    


LDPE hose – slang – Micro Irrigation UK – 4mm x 6mmOd x 500mtr coil Hose LDPE 4 mm x 6 mm black 500m Colour: black Material: LDPE Size: 4 mm x 6 mm Length: 500 m Also Available BERMAD: Solenoid Valves – Female BSP Threaded


Naan Dan: PC Drip Pipe Irrigation Systems UK 16mm 400mtr coils Applications: State-of-the-art cylindrical PC (Pressure Compensating) dripper, ensures highest durability and excellent performance. Ideal solution for irrigation in topographically challenging terrain, where longer laterals are required For accurate irrigation of orchards, open field crops and greenhouses Main Features: 16 mm and 20 mm polyethylene [...]


PE Pipe Hole Punch – Micro Irrigation Systems UK Hole punch – Fed up of the  pianstaking job of punching holes for drippers This version makes light work of the job. Blog IrrigationUK Guide to Types of Irrigation Systems and application. Also Available in store.   Naan Dan: Micro Sprinkler 7110 – 3/8″ ww – [...]


PE Pipe Hole Punch – 4mm Micro Irrigation UK Pro Version Orange & Black Hole Punch PE pipe is unforgiving  and punching holes for drippers is a pianstaking job. This pro version makes light work of the job. 4mm hole size Blog IrrigationUK Guide to Types of Irrigation Systems and application.     Also Available [...]