PC Drip Line - Drip Tape

Pressure Compensated Drip pipes

and Irrigation Drip Tape UK

Drip Tape UK Bulk stocks available upon request –

Please be sure to contact us with your target prices.

PE Drip Tape UK Irrigation Pipe, Drip tape, Coils or lengths available in store, be sure to contact us ref bulk enquirys.

LDPE pipe – Low Density Polyethylene Pipe

For use in irrigation systems, water delivery systems, sprinkler stands and civil projects.

PE Pipe is suitable for Live stock drinking systems including Pigs and Poultry farms.

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PE pipe has the following advantages

Large temperature range: -40ºC to +60ºC.
Good chemical resistance.
Long life.
Smooth internal surface.
Does not conduct electricity.
UV stabilised, perfect for outside use.
Relatively low cost.

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