2½” FULL OR PART CIRCLE SPRINKLER BSP: Male 2.5″ Nozzle: 22mm Pressure: 3.0 to 7.0 bar Flow rate: 29.8 m3/h Radius: 35.0m Angle: 45° Part number: 59PZN45W


The AF Full circle sprinkler, type RC 130 HH is used by fruit growers to protect the crop against frost.The sprinkler is well known as a frost protection sprinkler. The plastic cap protects the spring and therefore it is a very reliable product for various applications.Asper Farm SL company that produces high quality sprinklers with excellent performances in irrigation.


Bermad 1″ Adjustable Pressure Regulator  

£49.06 £46.15

      Air Release Valve BERMAD: 1″ Automatic Air Release Valve UK Model:A10 BERMAD A10 is a high quality automatic air release valve that allows efficient release of air pockets from pressurized pipelines. With its advanced design and automatic orifice, this valve provides excellent protection against air accumulation with improved sealing in low pressure [...]


Bermad 1.5″ Adjustable Pressure Regulator


Bermad 1/2″ BSP Vacuum Breaker / Release Valve Large air passage, high resistance to chemicals. Smooth, reliable operation. Rec Max Working Pressure: 10 Atm Rec Max Working Temp: 80°C BSP: male 1/2″


Bermad 100 Series High Performance Solenoid 2 way & 3 way valves Pressure Rating: 10 bar Operating Pressure Range: 0.5-10 bar Recommended flow rates: 2” – 11-36m3/h 3” – 25-82m3/h 3”L – 44-146m3/h 4” – 44-146m3/h


Bermad 2 way coil Available in 12VDC and 24VAC with different cable colours


Bermad 2.5″, 3″ and 4″ Metal Solenoid Valve and pressure regulating valve All 24VAC


Bermad 3 way coil solenoid 33324-AC Coil NC – therefore valve NO 33524-AC Coil NO – therefore valve NC


Bermad 3 way solenoid pilot Available in different voltages / cable colours


Bermad 3/4″ Adjustable pressure regulator


Bermad 3/4″ Low Flow Adjustable Pressure Regulator Rec flow rate range: 0.03 to 5.0 M³/hr  






Bermad Quick Action Pressure Relief Valve The Bermad 73Q pressure relief valve offers accurate relief pressure that remains unchanged. The valve opens to full capacity upon minimum pressure rise in the pipe line and provides smooth closure without pressure surges. Operating Pressure: 0.5 – 16 Tam Adjustment Range: 0 – 12 Atm Rec Relief Setting: [...]


Bermad GreenApp 3-Way irrigation controller, bluetooth controlled Battery operated Bluetooth single station irrigation controller integrated with a 3-way solenoid actuator connect to a free (Android and iOS) user-friendly app, and manage your irrigation from your smart-phone or tablet. 33-GA-10 GreenApp Only 33-GA-30 GreenApp with 3-way base


Bermad Latching Coil with base option Available with base option and different voltages


Bermad Manifold Filter Valve Our unique and innovative Bermad Manifold Filter Valve. This new valve combines either a solenoid valve or a pressure regulating Valve with a screen filter in a single unit. 1″ manifold Solenoid Valve c/w filter and 24v AC coil


Bermad Metal Backwash Valve, BSP 2″ The Bermad patented back wash valve is a compact 3 ported model designed for easy installation and long, trouble free service. A unique diaphragm – actuated plug assembly which keeps the supply port closed while opening the backwash port and vice-versa. The backwash valve can be used in filtration [...]