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Water Meter, Pressure gauges, fixtures and fittings.

We offer a rwide range of Water meters for irrigation and pumping systems.

With or without pulse, regulated, diode and so on.

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ARAD Irrigation and Agriculture Water Meter. Features: • Negligible loss of head • Simple maintenance • Field replaceable measuring unit • Hermetically sealed register with glass lens • Bearings are constantly flushed during operation to eliminate deposit of solids • Optional electrical output: EV (Volume) or EF (Rate of Flow) • Compatible with Dialog® automatic [...]


Irrigation and Agriculture Water Meter Specifically for natural source irrigation installations. The paddle wheel impeller helps to avoid damage to the meter by stones or other materials which might be sucked in. Dry display. Material: cast iron Colour: blue Type: paddle DN65 – Max m3/h – 100 cubers per hour DN80 – Max m3/h – 150 cubers per [...]


Water Meter Dry display – Brass Epoxy coated. Water meters using the multi-jet principle are the best cost/performance, long life, flow measurement instruments. Wide clearances in the measuring chamber and negligible area of contact between static and moving parts are the main reasons for the high reliability of this design even in hard water. Applications [...]