PVC Pipes & Clips

PVC Pressure Pipes & Clips

PVC pipe valves fittings clips and clamps.

complete range available.

PVC pipe fittings where applicable are according to ISO 727 and WRAS for potable water. Metric Fittings with threads have DIN thread ie taper male by parallel female.

DIN 2999. Imperial fittings conform to BS 4346/1 ISO 9002 for pipes made to BS 3505 and BS 3506.  Threads are parallel BS 21 male and female.

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Helpful tips when assembling.

Assemble the joint immediately in a single flowing, even movement. It is important not to turn and twist the fitting on.

A good indication of when the correct amount of glue is being used evenly, a small consistant ring of glue will be visible on the outside of the pipe and fitting joint.

Quickly remove excess glue with cleaner and rag, respect drying times.

Our helpful team welcome your questions.

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