Naan Dan Drip Pipe Irrigation 16mm 400mtr coils 1.6ltr/h


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    Naan Dan Drip Pipe Irrigation 16mm 400mtr coils 1.6ltr/h



Naan Dan Drip Pip can be used for a wide range of crops such as: vineyards, olives, cocoa, apples, pears, hazelnuts, cherries, field tomato, banana, coffee, sugar cane, blueberries, almonds, maize, table grapes, macadamia, oranges, lemons, mangoes, oil palm and more.

The round brown dripper not only helps identify the flow rate but it also gives additional strength to the overall dripline, specially interesting for recoiling. The double inlet/outlet gives the dripline additional resistance against clogging due to dirty water and sedimentation of particles, as well as root intrussion from the outside. The recommended filtration is 130 micron.

NaanDanJain dripline technologies offer a range of cost-effective solutions for a wide range of crops. NaanDanJain’s wide assortment includes pressure-compensating driplines with flat and round drippers in thin or thick wall configurations.


Colour black

Material PE

Flow1,6 ltr/h

Additional information

Naan Drip

16mm 1lph 20cm x 400mtrs – 65mtr Max, 16mm 1lph 25cm x 400mtrs – 80mtr Max, 16mm 2lph 25cm x 400mtrs – 47mtr Max, 16mm 2lph 33cm x 400mtrs – 54mtr Max, 16mm 2lph 50cm x 400mtrs – 87mtr Max