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We are working hard, to bring together all things related to water transfer.

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Drip Irrigation PE Spike PE Irrigation – Drip Anchoring Spike Drip Anchoring Spike 16mm/20mm Packs of 10  


1” FULL OR PART CIRCLE SPRINKLER Operating Pressure: 3.0 – 7.0 Bar Flow rate: 3.94 – 6.02 m3/h BSP: Male 1″ Movement:  Full or part circle Nozzle: 8mm Pressure: 3.0 bar Diam: 39.8m Part number: 59PZK30FC


2½” FULL OR PART CIRCLE SPRINKLER BSP: Male 2.5″ Nozzle: 22mm Pressure: 3.0 to 7.0 bar Flow rate: 29.8 m3/h Radius: 35.0m Angle: 45° Part number: 59PZN45W


Bermad Solenoid valve Garden Sprinkler Systems UK type D151 angle Bermad Solenoid valve with flow control and manual control. Technical Details Data Sheet Click Here  


      Air Release Valve BERMAD: 1″ & 2″  Combination Air & Vacuum Release Valve UK Model:C30 BERMAD C30 is a high quality combination air release valve for a variety of water networks and operating conditions. It evacuates air during pipeline filling, allows efficient release of air pockets from pressurized pipes, and enables large [...]

£46.28 £43.54

      Air Release Valve BERMAD: 1″ Automatic Air Release Valve UK Model:A10 BERMAD A10 is a high quality automatic air release valve that allows efficient release of air pockets from pressurized pipelines. With its advanced design and automatic orifice, this valve provides excellent protection against air accumulation with improved sealing in low pressure [...]


BERMAD: Solenoid  Valves Garden Sprinkler System UK Model: Bermad Valve – 210-2W-NC-M Solenoid Control Valve with 2-way internal control & flow stem BERMAD Valve Landscape 200 Series plastic control valves range from ¾” to 2” in size, in either globe or angle pattern. These Solenoid Control Landscape Valves are Electrically operated, (24V/AC-2Way) control valves providing superior [...]


Eskimo: Impact Full Circle Sprinkler 1″ Male 5.0mm – Aluminium Garden Sprinkler System UK Q=1m3 pew hour  


      GALCON: Water Timer 11000 Series available in UK Galcon’s 11000 series consists of hose-end controllers.  This beautifully designed and user-friendly controller is ideally suited for use in home gardens, roof gardens, flower planters, herb gardens and seasonal flowerbeds. The controllers allow for electronic manual operation.  Operating the controllers is simple with the manual [...]


      GALCON: Water Timer 9000 Series Garden Sprinkler Systems UK Galcon’s 9000 series consists of battery-operated hose-end controllers that are easy to install. These user-friendly products are especially designed for very small lawn gardens and terraces.   Features Easy to instlall Works with 9v Battery Watering time: from one minute to 12 hours [...]


      GALCON: Water Timer 9000 Series 9001EZ Controllers Garden Irrigation Systems UK The 9001EZ controllers have for the most part the same features and benefits as the standard 9001 models. The 9001EZ models have the option for delayed starting of irrigation. Duration of the irrigation can be set from two minutes and up [...]


Hunter: Pop Up Sprinkler I-20 Garden Irrigation Systems UK Click Here>   BR_I20_dom With stainless steel riser and check valve drain. Delivery includes 8 nozzles. Connection: female thread Material: plastic Size: 3/4″ Sector adj. range: 40°-360° Riser height: 10 cm Type: I-20-Ultra       With 34 nozzle choices, a 4.9 to 14.0 m radius, and 6 body choices, the I-20 is an [...]


Hunter: Pop Up Sprinkler I-25 Garden Irrigation Systems UK • Radius 11.9 – 21.6 metres • 1″ BSP female inlet • Part & full circle in one sprinkler • Drain check valve (3m) standard on all models • Flow rate 0.82 – 7.24 m3/hour • Recommended pressure 4-7 bar • 25 degree nozzle trajectory Below [...]


Hunter: Pop Up Sprinkler PGP Ultra Garden Sprinkler Systems UK Read > pgpultra_dom_0 Delivered with 12 spray nozzles, 8 pieces 25° and 4 pieces 13°. Connection: female thread Material: plastic Size: 3/4″ Sector adj. range: 40°-360° Riser height: 10 cm Type: PGP Ultra The PGP Ultra takes the foundation of the best-selling PGP Rotor and raises the bar with a variety [...]


Hydro-S drip tape – Garden Irrigation Systems UK The major feature of Hydro-S drip tape is the large labyrinth contained within each dripper. This technically advanced labyrinth enables accurate and consistent water distribution whilst minimising the potential for clogging. The dripper provides excellent anti-syphon properties should a vacuum occur within the drip line. Colour: black [...]


Hydro S: Drip Tape – 16mm x 3000mtrs The Hydro-S seamless drip tape comes with 1 single blue coextruded stripe on top of the labyrinth for correct installation. Recommended filtration: 100 micron. Maximum Lateral Length based on 85% Emission Uniformity on flat ground    


Irritec iDrop DCS button dripper Irritec DCS is a pressure compensated (PC) Drop Stop (DS) button dripper with opening 4.0m and closing 3.0m   Material: plastic Flow: from 4 to 8 ltr/h Colour: black/green


Irritec iDrop DCS button dripper Irritec DCS is a pressure compensated (PC) Drop Stop (DS) button dripper with opening 2.5m and closing 1.5m   Material: plastic Flow: from 1,1 to 2,1 ltr/h


LDPE hose – slang – Micro Irrigation UK – 4mm x 6mmOd x 500mtr coil Hose LDPE 4 mm x 6 mm black 500m Colour: black Material: LDPE Size: 4 mm x 6 mm Length: 500 m Also Available BERMAD: Solenoid Valves – Female BSP Threaded


Micro Sprinkler NaanDan Sprinkler Mist Insert Type Hadar 3/8WW connection for PVC 7110, mist insert Available in a wide range of nozzle sizes