Waterproof (IP68) and humidity resistant irrigation controller. Simple step by step programming using 4 buttons with an integrated LCD display. Irrigation schedule: 7 days calendar or interval from 1 to 30 days. Up to 4 start times a day per station and watering duration from 1 minute to 12 hours.


      GALCON: Water Timer 11000 Series available in UK Galcon’s 11000 series consists of hose-end controllers.  This beautifully designed and user-friendly controller is ideally suited for use in home gardens, roof gardens, flower planters, herb gardens and seasonal flowerbeds. The controllers allow for electronic manual operation.  Operating the controllers is simple with the manual [...]


      GALCON: Water Timer 9000 Series Garden Sprinkler Systems UK Galcon’s 9000 series consists of battery-operated hose-end controllers that are easy to install. These user-friendly products are especially designed for very small lawn gardens and terraces.   Features Easy to instlall Works with 9v Battery Watering time: from one minute to 12 hours [...]


      GALCON: Water Timer 9000 Series 9001EZ Controllers Garden Irrigation Systems UK The 9001EZ controllers have for the most part the same features and benefits as the standard 9001 models. The 9001EZ models have the option for delayed starting of irrigation. Duration of the irrigation can be set from two minutes and up [...]