The Hayward Control Station is an all-in-one pool dosing and automation system that will take your pool into the 21st century. Enjoy perfectly balanced water and maximize your energy savings from your variable speed pump. Monitor and control your filtration, lights, heating and pool features from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


MegaPool pH Test strips For free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity


Soleo is water quality controller with pH and ORP regulation, which can control salt chlorinator and single speed pump.It includes pH, ORP probe and water temperature sensor.Soleo is possible to be upgraded to control variable speed pump.Max Pool Volume 150.0m3


Soleo VS is a complete automation system with local control.It is suitable to control salt chlorinator and variable speed pump.It includes Soleo unit and Speedeo unit, which contain multiple connections.


 Probe holder including:

  • 3 sensor nut sets (2 O-rings, 1 sealing plate and 1 sensor nut) for a robust mounting
  • 1 large transparent scale that makes it possible to check the flow and condition of the water
  • 4 metre long transparent hose to drain and divert the water from the piping
  • 2 saddle clamps
  • 2 valves and 1 back plate holder for fixing to the wall