PP-Wall Mounting Pipe Clamps
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PP-Wall Mounting Pipe Clamps


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PP-Wall Mounting Pipe Clamps-

16mm upto 315mm


Pipe clamp PP 16 mm

Pipe clamp PP 20 mm

Pipe clamp PP 25 mm

Pipe clamp PP 32 mm

Pipe clamp PP 40 mm

Pipe clamp PP 50 mm

Pipe clamp PP 63 mm

Additional information

PVC Sizes

c: 16mm, d: 20mm, e: 25mm, f: 32mm, g: 40mm, h: 50mm, i: 63mm, j: 75mm, k: 90mm, l: 110mm, m: 125mm, n: 140mm, o: 160mm, p: 200mm, q: 225mm, r: 250mm, s: 280mm, t: 315mm


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