Porous pipe for irrigating garden flowers and plants, suitable for installing underground.
Flow: 2 ltr/m/h.
Pressure: 0.3 – 0.8 bar.
Colour: black
Material: rubber
Size: 13 mm
Connection: male click


ALFAPORE Soaker Hose – Garden Irrigation System Water Hose Pipe UK Porous, dripping hose Temperature range: -40 tot 80°C Weight Alfapore on 15m and 25m is including couplings. Applications Water hose for water supply of flowers, underground or on the surface Length (m)       Weight 15               [...]


Material PE

TypeTurfDrip CNL

Size16 mm

Wall thickness1,2 mm

Flow2.2 ltr/h

Spacing33 cm

Rec. press.0.5 - 4.0 bar

Length100 m

Max. Length102 m


PLUVIO: Spray Hose Male Click Fitting. A fine spray is produced along the entire length. Click connectors allow easy connection to an existing garden hose. Three channels lay flat green hose with micro perforation for vegetable gardens and gardens irrigation, with high water flow, for a semi-professional use. It guarantees uniform nebulized rainy irrigation and [...]