Hunter I-90 Large Turf Rotor


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Hunter I-90 Large Turf Rotor

The robust I-90 rotor is built for long-distance natural turf applications in large parks, open spaces, and sports fields.

The I-90 is Hunter’s longest distance rotor specifically designed for natural turf, parks, sports fields, and public areas. With a radius of up to 101 feet, the I-90 boasts the longest throw capability of all natural turf rotors. Yet, its reduced-size diameter and cushioned rubber cover make it the perfect choice for parks and wide-open lawn areas, as well as perimeter watering of athletic fields and horse arenas. The rotor is also easy to service, with a “jar-top” body cap that allows quick access to the filter screen and check valve with no extra pieces, parts, or tools required. The I-90 is offered in two models: a full-circle opposing-nozzle version or an adjustable arc model, each with color-coded nozzles that can be field-changed to match the specific needs of any large site.

  • Exclusive PressurePort™ technology creates exceptional nozzle uniformity
  • Forward-facing triple nozzles (I-90), opposing triple nozzles (I-90-ON) create uniform nozzle profiles in part- and full-circle applications
  • QuickCheck™ arc mechanism for fast arc adjustment and review of the arc setting
  • Part- and full-circle in one model provides flexible installation options and decreases inventory (I-90)
  • Drain check valve prevents low-head drainage (up to 9′ of elevation)
  • Radius 73′ – 104′
  • Flow 29.5 to 83.8 GPM
  • Inlet Size 1 1/2″ NPT


    The opposing nozzle design offers excellent water distribution. With primary and secondary nozzles on opposing sides of the turret, streams arc in opposite directions as the sprinkler rotates for outstanding mid-range and close-in watering.


    All I-90 Series rotors have color-coded nozzles for easy identification and, the nozzle numbers approximate the flow in gallons per minute. Choose from the eight standard 22.5 degree trajectory nozzles or the eight 15 degree nozzles for low-angle applications.


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HSI90-ADV Adjustable Arc, HSI90-36V Full Circle, HSI90-TC I-90 Turf Cup Kit