NaanDanJain Tube for stand 9/12 mm


NaanDanJain Tube for stand 9/12 mm

Material PES

Size 9/12 mm

Type 52

Length 100 m

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NaanDanJain Tube for stand 9/12 mm

The NaanDanJain Tube for stand is suitable for the NaanDanJain Stand 52.

NaanDanJain is the leading sprinkler company in the world. It has the most advanced and specialized solutions in the market and is known to be continously developing new designs for specialized systems. They have a full range of tailored made designs for every crop. NaanDanJain also has a team of engineers able to support their customers with project design and unique ideas.

  • 13mm Soft PE tube for connecting Stand 52 adaptor with male starter
  • Manufactured by NaanDanJain