Butterfly Valve - DN Flange

PVC Butterfly Valve

DN Flange – EPDM Seal

PN6 – PN10

PVC Butterfly Valve with quarter turn open. Saftey handle and slotted holes to allow for PN6 and PN10 flanges.

Work well in with our complete flange sets.

Suitable for swimming pool, Irrigation systems.


PVC Flange, Stub Flanges or Flanged Joints main function is to allow seperation, to connect flanged valves and or vessels which require higher strength in tension. Also Connecting different material types such a PVC to Poly or Steel together.

Not sure which flange?

Speak with a member of our team .

We will be able to tell you with a few quick questions.

Where applicable our PVC fittings are according to ISO 727 and WRAS for potable water. Metric Fittings with threads have DIN thread ie taper male by parallel female.

DIN 2999. Imperial fittings conform to BS 4346/1 ISO 9002 for pipes made to BS 3505 and BS 3506.  Threads are parallel BS 21 male and female.

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