Single Set Dripper Pre-assembled great price


Single Set Drippers

Pre-assembled for fast installation.

☑ Wide range of irrigation equipment for farms, growers, small holders, gardens, and sports, plus swimming pools.
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Single Set Drippers available in side or straight settings great price

Additional information

Flow/Type/Side/Straight/Lead cm

1.6 NDH Side 50cm, 3.1 NDH Side 50cm, 1.1 MOP Side 50cm, 1.6 MOP Side 50cm, 1.6 MOP Side 80cm, 2.2 MOP Side 50cm, 2.2 MOP Side 80cm, 3.1 MOP Side 50cm, 1.1 ND Straight 50cm, 2.2 ND Straight 50cm, 3.8 ND Straight 50cm, 2.2 MOP Straight 50cm, 1.6 NDH Straight 50cm