Sta-Rite Pool pump IntelliFlo type SW5P6R VSD Pumping Equipment UK The SW5P6R VSD uses variable speed technology to allow the pump to run at low speeds resulting in a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and noise levels. IntelliFlo technology also reduces CO2 emissions, increases filtration quality, allows efficient chlorine production, extends the time between backwashes [...]


Sta-Rite Pool pump type S5P1R VS Pumping Equipment UK S5P1R® VS is a self-priming circulation pump with superior hydraulic design. It is very quiet when running thanks to the permanent magnetic motor. The built-in controller creates a variable speed pump ideally sized for standard pools which outperforms the IE3 “Premium efficiency” class requirements. The controller [...]


Sta-Rite Pool pump type 5P2R/S5P2R Pumping Equipment UK The Sta-Rite S5P2R pumps are precision moulded of reinforced fiberglass. This lightweight, exceptionally strong, thermoplastic is designed for much higher pressure operation. The S5P2R series are suitable for salt water applications up to 0.4% (4 grams per liter) salt concentration. The S5P2R has a special motor shaft [...]


Sta-Rite Pool pump type Supermax S5P1R Pumping Equipment UK The Supermax is a self-priming pool pump equipped with large pre-filter & transparent lid that allows easy inspection of the filter basket. The unique “Cam & Ramp” lid secures with a single quarter turn, and simplifies cleaning and maintenance. The pump also features the reliable heavy [...]