NaanDanJain: Micro Sprinkler Systems UK 7110 LPD Leakage prevention device  Opening 1.4 bar, closure 0.6 bar pressure. Naan Dan: Micro Sprinkler 7110 Inverted – 3/8″ ww – 360°   NaanDanJain: Micro Sprinkler 7110 PVC Lead Hose with bayonet connection  


NaanDanJain: Turbo Hammer 501 U Complete 2.0mm Garden Irrigation Systems UK Complete with 1 metre spike, PE hose and couplers. Applications: vegetables, greenhouses, residential and landscaping  For spacing up to 8 m Excellent water distribution Fine water droplets for delicate irrigation of all crops       501U Specs – Right Click open in New [...]