Anti Vibration Pump Bellows BSP Female Threaded Galvanised – Expansion Joint Pumping System UK Material: NBR Max. temp.: 110 °C  


Anti Vibration Pump Bellows DN Flanged Galvanised – Expansion Joint – Pumping System in UK Material: NBR Flange material: steel Max. temp.: 100 °C  


Poly Prop – DN Flange x Female BSP Thread Compression Fittings UK reinforced. Works well in conjunction with our Jason Compression range.


PVC DN Full Face Flange


PVC Flange Sets and Gaskets PVC Stub Flange DN – PN10/PN16 PVC Stub Flange for backing ring PN10 PN16, Stub Flanges or Flanged Joints main function is to allow seperation, to connect flanged valves and or vessels which require higher strength in tension. Also Connecting different material types such a PVC to Poly or Steel [...]