Rubber Gromett – 3/8″ WW Garden Irrigation Systems UK Rubber Gromet to Convert M11 to 3/8th WW used in suspendid irrigaion pre drilled pipes for Naan dan 5110. Naan Dan: Micro Sprinkler 7110 Inverted – 3/8″ ww – 360°    


VDL Drainage preventor plastic 3/8WW female thread x male thread 5,7cm black Connection: female thread x male thread Material: plastic Colour: black Opening pressure: 0,3 / 0,4 bar Size: 3/8WW Length: 5,7 cm Used in Micro Irrigation Systems UK application to retain pressure and prevent drip leakage – utlimately causing non uniform growth due to uneven water distribution.   Naan Dan: [...]