Choose the Best Valves

Butterfly valves, Globe valves, Gate valves, or Stainless steel valves are the effective valve types for the irrigation. The right valve type is available according to the plantation needs. But why there are different valve types and how to choose them?

The valves are grouped into two main types:

  • Control valves are used to control fluid flow, by changing the size of the flow passage as directed by a signal from a controller
  • Shut off valves e. Gate valves are available with on/off functionality that allows a full flow or complete shut-off. These valves are used both automatically and manually, but they are not for controlling the flow

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are used in multiple industries for varied applications. It is advantageous to use due to its compact size. Due to its unique mode of operation, the valve can be activated easily without any additional tendency to turn and twist it.

Globe valves

Globe valves are different from ball valve, this type of valve is used for regulating flow in a pipeline. The Globe valves are mainly used for regulating the flow control.

Stainless steel valves

Due to its resistance against the High Pressure, robustness and corrosion free characteristic; the Stainless steel valves are popular in every industry.

Gate valves

It has a round or rectangular gate that lifts open. Gate valves are often used when minimum restriction for a straight line of the liquid flow.

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