Weld Flange Stub DN PN16


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Weld Flange BSP Pipe Fittings UK

Steel – Stub Flange

DN – PN16

The Profec Flange stub PN16, DIN 2633 is a standard welding flange according to DIN 2633. The fitting has a DIN flange x butt welding connection. The fitting is available in a wide range of sizes.

The Profec Flange stub PN16, DIN 2633 is made from steel.



Weld Flange used in fabrication, agricultural machinery. Main Field Irrigation systems & Pumping Systems

Sizes range from DN25 upto DN200

Great solution used in with Stub Weld flanges and bauer weld on.

Offers a solution to those difficult to source fittings.





Additional information

DN Flange Size

DN25 x 33,7 mm, DN32 x 42,4 mm, DN40 x 48,3 mm, DN50 x 60,3 mm, DN65 x 76,1 mm, DN80 x 88,9 mm, DN100 x 108,0 mm, DN100 x 114,3 mm, DN125 x 133,0 mm, DN125 x 139,7 mm, DN150 x 159,0 mm, DN150 x 168,3 mm, DN200 x 219,1 mm