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Swimming Pool Filteration UK

Swimming Pool Filtration System

Swimming Pool Filtration System UK – Types of Swimming Pool Filters

A swimming pool is subject to endless contamination from the foreign matter brought in by the swimmers or if any particle drops in by the wind.  Therefore, it is mandatory to have a filtration’s mechanical process in place to remove any kind of insoluble matter.

For an avid swimmer or for a one-timer, clean and sparkling water in a swimming pool is a necessity. Of course, you cannot clean it manually by spending hours inside so what is the solution? Having a water circulation system that could gather the impurities and filter them via strong strainer sounds cool. But how to choose the right one?

Types of Swimming Pool Filters

Before you decide to buy swimming pool filtration system, know that there are three basic types of the filter i.e. sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth (de)

Sand Filter: it uses categorized layers of sand as the filtration and purification medium

Cartridge Filter: It uses fabric or replaceable paper as the filtration medium

Diatomaceous Earth (DE): It is known as the most effective system due to its micron rating and able to filter out microscopic particles

Now as we know the basics about the Swimming Pool Filtration system, it should be easier for you to pick up the best filtration system. Remember that without an automated and efficient system swimming pools cannot clean fully and would stay unhygienic.
Swimming Pool Filteration UK

Hayward: Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner – Magic Clean Lady Bug has a fun design to add joy in cleaning. It is especially for the above ground and flat bottom pools. From microscopic dust to large contamination this system covers cleanliness for every inch of your pool. Without an overuse of the chemicals, this would work as the best pool filtration system in just £187.19. It could install within 10 minutes without any use of tools.

Swimming Pool Filteration UK
Hayward: Automatic Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner – SharkVac is another highly efficient and affordable filtration system for your swimming pool. The QuickClean™ patented technology cleans most shape and size pools in 60 minutes or less. Adaptive Seek Control Logic (ASCL®) Microprocessor perfects the cleaning routine for distinct size and shapes. Its cartridge filter can be clean with a garden hose. Having this system in £695.76 is worth an investment for greater results.

Irrigation UK is working towards all kind of swimming pool supplies, irrigation services, garden irrigation systems in the UK, hence working closely with the recognized brands and distributor. Installing our systems and using its controllers are efficient and user-friendly.

With 25 years of Technical experience, our highly efficient and experienced Team is available to resolve all the irrigational worries. You can contact us from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday and could book an appointment if you want to discuss the swimming pool filtration systems with an expert. Our team is comprised of highly competent and Friendly Technical advisor.

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