Bermad Solenoid valve d151 type angle great price

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Bermad Solenoid valve d151 type angle great price

Plastic Hydraulic/Electric Control Valves
for residential, commercial and agricultural irrigation systems.
The BERMAD 200 Series plastic control valves are globe pattern (¾”-2”) or Angle
pattern (1½”-2”). These control valves provide superior hydraulic performance,
demonstrating state-of-the-art hydraulics and plastics technology.

Bermad Solenoid valve d151
Features and Benefits
■ Spring Loaded Elastomeric Valve
o Self operated
o Range of closing springs
■ Plastic Globe/Angle Hydro-Efficient Valve
o Unobstructed flow path
o Single moving part
o High flow capacity
o Highly durable, chemical and cavitation resistant
■ Flexible Balanced Diaphragm and Seal
o Fully opening
o Secures drip-tight closing
■ User-Friendly Design



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Weight1.0115 kg
Dimensions130.81 × 144.78 × 187.96 cm