Foras: PC100M Priming Diesel Pump – 0.74kw Best Prices

£303.42 (£364.10 incl. UK VAT)

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Foras: Priming Diesel pump 0.74kw Best Prices irrigationuk

Pump will be delivered with cable and DIN plug.


Liquid ring positive displacement pump with star impeller that gives considerable suction power to the pump.

Particularly suitable for liquid transfer (including volatile liquids). The MD model has a frontal brass insect avoiding the risk of blockage.


Connection: female thread
Colour: blue
Pump body: cast iron
Material Impeller: bronze
Type: PC100M
Power: 0.74 kW
Voltage: 230V
Press: 1 ”
Suction: 1 ”


Pump table



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Weight11.9386 kg
Dimensions302.26 × 182.88 × 198.12 cm