Pentair Robot pool cleaner, type BlueStorm


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Pentair Robot pool cleaner, type BlueStorm

Multi-JetNav: Multidirectional circulation ensuring a smart grid pattern and maximum coverage of the pool.

Sense n Go: Automatic obstacle detection. Adapts to any pool shape.

Cold Water 1 degree All year round functionality.

12 metre cable.

Lightweight only 6kg

Gentle cleaning: Abrasion-free, guaranteed not to leave marks or cause liner erosion.

Night Cruise: A blusish light beam discreetly lights up the pool.

External clock mode: Automatic control via programmable outlet.

Easy cleaning: Transparent high-capacity filter tray with removable filter. For pools up to 10x5m.

Delivered with two filters (40 and 25 microns)

Additional information

Weight19 kg
Dimensions560.00 × 490.00 × 530.00 cm