Hayward: Automatic Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner – SharkVac XL Pilot


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Hayward: Automatic Robot Swimming Pool Cleaner – SharkVac XL Pilot

Robotic cleaner which cleans the pool bottom, walls & water line. For all types of bottom and surface. Efficiency Smarter: Adaptative Seek Control Logic (ASCL®) Microprocessor optimizes cleaning routine for each individual pool size and shape Short cycle: designed with a more efficient cleaning pattern allowing for quick cleanups between standard cycles while still reaching all areas of your pool Easier to use: no installation, no attachments. Just drop it in and turn it on It’s completely automatic Extra Durability Simple Direct Drive Design with non-corrosive bearings for high reliability Universal For all types of bottom & walls (flat bottom, gentle slope, diamond shape, complex slope) For all types of surface: (Vinyl, Shielded PVC, Gunite, Fibreglass) Short cycle and full cycle can be selected Ease Of Use Efficient access to patented top-access filter cartridge means end-user maintenance is easy. Simply rinse and clean the easy clean cartridge filter with a garden hose


  • Top-access filter allows quick debris removal and easy cleanup. Just remove and rinse with a garden hose
  • Calculates the size of the pool and programs itself for the most time and energy efficient cleaning path
  • Saves you money by running separately from the pool’s filtration system which saves the loss of heated pool water
  • Cleans all residential pool surfaces; gunite, vinyl or fibreglass up to 6 x 12 m
  • Work Cycle: 3 hours
  • Motor Unit: 24 V/3.5 amps
  • Volume Capacity: 22m³/hr
  • Power Cord 16 m (Kevlar® reinforced)
  • Moving Parts: Acetal/stainless steel
  • Programmed Function ASCL/adaptive seek control
  • Ergonomical trolley included



Accessories: 15m cable and trolley


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Weight23 kg
Dimensions620.00 × 450.00 × 750.00 cm
LED Lamps

E-Lumen-441 LED RGB 441 273 Lumen 12VAC 35 Watt, E-Lumen-441 LED white 441 550 Lumen 12VAC 35 Watt