ESPA: Pressure Wave WRAS CE ISO:9001 Pressure Vessels – Leak Free


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Pressure Wave Pressure Vessels Garden Irrigation Systems UK

Irrigation systems and hydraulic hammer arresting


  • Suited for a wide range of applications, including booster systems, thermal expansion, irrigation systems and hydraulic hammer arresting.


  • Constructed of a virgin polypropylene liner combined with an FDA approved high grade butyl diaphragm, which is held against the wall of the tank with a steel clench ring. All internal parts including the air valve are rounded to prevent piercing of the diaphragm. The water connection uniquely provides a dual water/air seal ensuring a complete leak & maintenance free pressure vessel.


  • Pressure Wave Pressure Vessels Irrigation systems and hydraulic hammer arresting Features Single diaphragm design. NSF standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS, ACS, ISO:9001. Gost approved. Patented stainless steel water connection. Virgin polypropylene liner. Two part polyurethane, epoxy primed paint finish. Leak free, o-ring sealed air valve cap. Comprehensive testing. No maintenance. 5 Year warranty


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ESPA: Pressure Tanks

PWB 2 LX – Vertical, PWB 4 LX – Vertical, PWB 8 LX – Vertical, PWB 12 LX – Vertical, PWB 18 LX – Vertical, PEWB 24 LX – Vertical, PWB 35 LX – Vertical, PWB 35 LV – Vertical C/W base, PWB 60 LV – Vertical C/W base, PWB 80 LV – Vertical C/W base, PWB 100 LV – Vertical C/W base, PWB 150 LV – Vertical C/W base