Pressure pipe PE40 black


Pressure pipe PE40 black

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Pressure pipe PE40 black ideal pipe for all irrigation

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Size/Wall Thickness/Length

12mm/1.5mm/100m, 16mm/1.5mm/100m, 16mm/1.5mm/500m, 20mm/1.5mm/100m, 20mm/1.5mm/500m, 20mm/2.0mm/100m, 20mm/2.0mm/500m, 20mm/2.2mm/100m, 20mm/2.2mm/200m, 20mm/2.2mm/300m, 20mm/2.2mm/500m, 25mm/1.9mm/100m, 25mm/1.9mm/500m, 25mm/2.3mm/100m, 25mm/2.7mm/100m, 25mm/2.7mm/300m, 25mm/2.7mm/500m, 32mm/2.0mm/100m, 32mm/2.0mm/300m, 32mm/3.0mm/100m, 32mm/3.0mm/300m, 32mm/3.5mm/100m, 40mm/3mm/200m, 40mm/3.6mm/100m, 40mm/4.3mm/100m, 50mm/4.5mm/100m, 50mm/5.5mm/100m, 63mm/5.7mm/50m, 63mm/6.8mm/50m