Black Steel Weld Adaptor
Welding Long Nipple Black Steel 15cm
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Welding Long Nipple Black Steel 15cm


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Welding Nipple BSP Pipe Fittings UK

Black Steel Weld Adaptor

Black Steel Weld Adaptor used in fabrication, agricultural machinery. Main Field Irrigation systems & Pumping Systems

Sizes range from 4 inch upto 6 inch

Great solution used with Stub Weld flanges and bauer weld on

Great solution to those difficult to source fittings.


Metal Threaded Fittings such as

Stainless Steel, Brass, Galv and Black malleable fittings.

We have a wide range of weld fittings and flanges.

See MZ section for full range of MZ fittings.

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Water Meters

4" x 114,3 mm, 5" x 139,7 mm, 6" x 168,3 mm