Rain Bird Irrigation controller, type WP
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Rain Bird Irrigation controller, type WP


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The Rain Bird Irrigation controller, type WP has three independent programs which ensure versatile irrigation control and efficient in controlling irrigation.

The WP2 controller enables versatile automated irrigation. With the same controller you can water your crops with drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation.The rain sensors trigger to stop irrigation when it rains and can stop irrigation for a maximum period of 15 days. This sensor adjusts water supply and watering time between 0% – 200% is easy to install by directly installing in a valve or a wall.

Rain Bird controllers are solid products and 100% water-proof


Type: WP-8

Number of Stations: 8

Voltage: 9V

Part number: 7021792

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Weight0.884 kg
Dimensions251.00 × 147.00 × 78.00 cm

WP-2, WP-4, WP-6, WP-8