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IrrigationUK Guide to Types of Irrigation Systems and application.


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Types of Irrigation Systems and application

IrrigationUK have spent many years working with all types of irrigation systems from Domestic garden watering systems to commercial soft fruit growers.

Understanding what works and what dosent is essential to the success of the grower, gardener, greens keepers and so on.

With how irrigation systems have changed over the years there are a vast arrange of options availalbe out in the market. Knowing which system to go with can be a daunting question for the less experianced. We at IrrigationUK are able to offer complete technical product guidance with the support of our suppliers.

Our primary goal is to understand our customers needs.

There are several Methods of irrigation, each specific to acheive different outcomes. The goal ultimately is to apply the water to the crop as uniformly as possible. Applying the perfect equal distribution of water is the challenge. Not to much and not too little.

Surface Irrigation

Surface irrigation is the oldest form of irrigation and has been in use for thousands of years. In sureface irrigation systems, water moves across the surface of an agricultural lands. Ofen subdivded into furrow, borderstrip or basin methods of irrigation.

Where water levels from the irrigation source permit.

This is often seen in terraced rice fields, where the method is used to flood or control the level of water in each distinct field.

In some cases, the water is pumped, or lifted by human or animal power to the level of the land.

The water application efficiency of surface irrigation is typically lower than other forms of irrigation.


Irrigation Systems Drip Irrigation Irrigation supplies UK Pumping systems














There are several brands/types of micro irrigation systems and spriknlers. However many components are the same, and typically include parts suchs as PVC pipe fittings and valve, filtration systems, PE pipe, Compression couplers. The main factoring item is the type of sprinkler head and how its pattern of water distribution best fits the growers requirements.

Installed prodomently into green houses, poly tunnels and basically crops under cover where the system is suspended from above. Micro sprinklers or button drippers have the advantage of being position to the perfect spot and allow for smaller more focused amounts of water, typically ranging from 0.2 to 4.0gallons per hour.


Drip Irrigation
Micro Irrigation system










Drip Irrigation Systems

In this type of system water droplets fall drop by drop at the position of the root zone.

Drip Irrigation offers the most efficient way. If managed correctly.

These systems can range in complexety from fully automated computerized systems to low-tech labor intensive. Drip iriigation is operated under low pressure, and can be designed for perfect uniformity.

With the aid of pressure compensating emitters, crop terraine does not have to be level.

Other forms of this system are Drip tapes. These consist of a built in labrynth with drippers at set spacings according to requirement. Often pressure compensated to give conformaity in water distribution – i.e dripper 1 gives 1lph and so does dripper 100 for example – ensureing that all plants are getting the same amounts. New designs also allow the drippers to self clean and flush out debris witch would cause blocking to the dripper.

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Impact Sprinkler Irrigation

Typically recognised as impact sprinkler, Gun sprinklers. This system consists of impact spinkler mounted to a type of riser, depending on the size and volume of water required.

Commonly used in domestic application in garden lawn, flowerbed irrigation and ground fruits and veg.

Other types range upto larger gun styled sprinklers which under the correct pressure are able to delivery large volumes of water over significant distances.

Impact sprinklers allow you to set the pitch and rotation of water distribution – known as part circle or full circle options.

Impact sprinklers are seen across the UK in potoato crops. They also work very well in Dust suppresion.

Impact sprinklers where brought to us in 1933. Orton Englehardt from Rain Bird developed the first prototype of the horizontal action impact sprinkler. They continue to this day and have pattents on over 450 variations.

Impact Sprinkler

Impact Sprinkler








Pop Up Sprinklers

Coming Soon




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