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Hose Pipes

Hose pipes have enormous uses in residential & commercial projects and they are a major part of all kinds of water systems, especially in irrigation. Back in the days hose pipes used to be made of only rubber and its compounds which were a pain to maintain and work with. They were hard to move around because they were bulky, they could be easily damaged and the repairing costs were very high. But due to the rapid advancements in the last 100 years, we have now a large variety of hose pipes readily available in the market which has made lives easier globally.Specially since the development of PVC, the hose pipes industry has seen tremendous growth both in variety and application. The range of hose piping materials include:
  1. Solid Doris
  2. PVC Flexible Pipes
  3. Flexible Tubing
  4. PVC Sleeving
  5. PVC Garden Pipes & Hoses
  6. PVC Strips, Belts & Profiles
  7. Double-layer Triple Garden Hoses
  8. Sanitary Waste Connection Pipes & Tubes
  9. Nylon Thread Reinforced Braided Hoses
The vast range of hose pipe products are manufactured for several different uses, namely; Pneumatic Hoses, Chemical Hoses, Welding Hoses, Sanitary Connection Hoses, Car Washing hoses & many others. Let us look at the uses of some of these hoses.Pneumatic HosesNylon Reinforced Hoses are the usual hose pipes for pneumatic uses. To give higher resistance against high pressures and the problem of splitting, nylon yarn is fused in between the inner and outer layers of these pipes and they are resistant to various chemicals, oils & corrosion as well.Water Hose PipesThe name is self-evident; these pipes are used for the transportation of water and because of their extra flexibility they are an optimal choice for gardening, construction and irrigation. They usually come in sizes of 1/2″, 3/4″ & 1.Welding HosesThe task of these hoses is a very important one; they connect the welding machine with the welding electrodes that carry gas for the Oxyacetylene welding & cutting purposes and cutting equipment.Chemical HosesChemical hoses are nylon braided and are used for transporting chemicals, for example; spraying insecticides, pesticides etc.Sanitary HosesThese hoses are commonly used in bathroom fittings and connections with wide applications. These hoses are nylon braided as well which makes them flexible and corrosion resistant.For more information – Free Delivery on orders over £99.00 Call Mob: +07768 347 274 Tel: +01284 753 865

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