What is Lockable Bip Tap?

Times have changed. In the past, the irrigation was very much dependent on the manual labour. Hours and hours were spent to soak the fields with the right amount of water. But now with the Lockable Bip Tap, it is very easy to utilize the accessory for hour’s work instead standing.

Bip taps are widely used for gardening or irrigation. The Lockable Bip Tap can be installed to a strong surface, and then the hose-pipe of any length can be attached to it; especially based on the area you are planning to water. On a lighter note, use these taps as a washing machine tap too :). But for us, these lockable bip taps are very ideal for harvesting the rainwater, garden irrigation system.

From the manufacturing perspective, these taps are made through one of the most reliable materials known as Stainless steel. Elegant design and durable at the same time and can be easily used for years. They are widely preferred in a daily use for both domestic or in the industries. Other materials include plastic, brass or alloy so users can choose the one which suits them best. At Irrigation UK, these taps are ranging from £12.50 – £18.50 so hurry up!

Irrigation UK is working closely with the recognized brands and distributors to serve its customers better. For selecting the durable and Lockable Bip Taps for domestic or industrial use, do not hesitate to contact our technical team for complete guidance.

With 25 years of Technical experience, the highly efficient and experienced Team of  is available to give an expert advice to any of your irrigation queries. Contact us from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday and book an appointment to discuss your query. Our highly competent Team and Friendly Technical advisor will serve you till you are satisfied.


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