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What are Deep Well Pumps?

The Deep Well Pumps are designed for pumping water from the wells, borehole and shaft. Especially for the water levels that are 25 feet below from the pump location. It is designed to force the water to the surface, so it consists of a series of centrifugal pump impellers.  People who do not have access to the city water mostly in the rural areas rely on deep well pumps. But it can be also found in the city limits within small towns.

The deep well pump is sealed in a booth or a compartment which is connected by the wires, with its power source above the ground to prevent it from any damage. It can raise the water up into the home’s plumbing. These pumps can last for 20 years without any repairing need, on the other hand; these are difficult to repair since the pump is under water and cannot be accessed easily.  What to do then?

The deep well pump’s performance can be checked by the experts because nowadays the modern machines are controlled by the computer. Routine checks and or maintenance can be simple. But before installing the pump the visual inspection, water flow and water contamination test is recommended.

Irrigation UK is working closely with the recognized brands and distributors to serve its customers better. For domestic or industrial use, do not hesitate to contact our technical team for complete guidance on the types of deep well pumps and its installation.

With 25 years of Technical experience, the highly efficient and experienced Team is available to give an expert advice for any of your irrigation queries. Contact us from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday and book an appointment to discuss your query. Our highly competent Team and Friendly Technical advisor will serve you till you are satisfied.


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