Spiral suction hose, Merlett Arizona 52 mm Best Prices

£760.00 (£912.00 incl. UK VAT)

Material  PVC

colour     Green/grayT

Temperature range -25ºc – 55ºc

Inner 50mm

Bend radius 200mm

Pressure 5 bar

Length 50m


☑ Wide range of irrigation equipment for farms, growers, small holders, gardens, and sports, plus swimming pools.
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Spiral suction hose,  merlett Arizona is used commonly in agriculture and tank wagons for transporting slurry.The green and grey Arizona PVC suction hose works at a maximum pressure of 5 bar and is available in variants of 50 to 204mm and roll lengths of 10, 20, 30 and 50 meters.

Merlett is the European A-brand for spiral hose Best Prices

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