Spiral suction hose PVC bright green 25m type Multi-Purpose Great Price


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Spiral suction hose PVC 19 mm 8bar 0.65bar bright green 25m type Multi-Purpose  Spiral suction hose, Multi-Purpose is an ideal universal suction hose.

The green PVC transparent suction hose has a maximum working pressure of 10 bar (depending on diameter) 102mm max 4 bar and at a vacuum of 0.65 bar and holds a temperature range of -5 to 60°C. The hose is available from 13 to 102mm and length of 25 and 50mm rolls.

 focuses on water technics and is offering the best price and the best quality for professional hoses.

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25m/19mm, 50m/19mm, 25m/25mm, 50m/25mm, 25m/32mm, 50m/32mm, 25m/38mm, 50m/38mm, 50m/40mm, 25m/51mm, 50m/51mm, 25m/63mm, 50m/63mm, 25m/76mm, 50m/76mm, 50m/90mm, 25m/102mm, 50m/102mm