Tricoflex Braided Water hose 8-10-Bar Great Price


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Tricoflex Braided Water hose 8-10-Bar Great Price


Tricoflex Braided Water hose 8-10-Barthe multi-layer design, made of an exclusive woven fiber and a double core layer, ensures that tricoflex is highly flexible for easy handling, with excellent resistance to repeated bending, crushing and pulling as well as minor deformation under pressure. in addition, the lining is extremely smooth, thereby maintaining even flow. especially thick and made of high quality materials, tricoflex offers remarkable aging resistance with exceptional preservation of flexibility. its exterior yellow pvc covering gives it good protection against abrasion and uv.


 watering – irrigation – water supply and delivery


farms – vegetable growers,

horticulture – water supply and delivery in industry,

construction sites and road works.

Standard yellow PVC braided watering hose. Barium and cadmium free.



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Weight1 kg

12.5mm x 25mtr coil, 12,5 mm x 50mtr coil, 12.5mm x 100mtr coil, 15mm x 25mtr coil, 15mm x 50mtr coil, 20mm x 25mtr coil, 20mm x 50mtr coil, 20mm x 100mtr coil, 25mm x 25mtr coil, 25mm x 50mtr coil, 25mm x 100mtr coil, 30mm x 25mtr coil, 30mm x 50mtr coil, 30mm x 100mtr coil, 35mm x 50mtr coil, 40mm x 25mtr coil, 40mm x 50mtr coil, 40mm x 100mtr coil, 50mm x 25mtr coil, 50mm x 50mtr coil