La Buvette Tipping trough, type LB 4320 l/h 53 ltr Water for Cattle


Stainless Steel Tipping Trough type LB

Waterer for  cattle

Suitable for up to 3 or 5 cows drinking at the same time

A variety of several frost protection sets available

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La Buvette Tipping trough, type LB 4320 l/h 53 ltr for Cattle

Stainless steel tipping trough for dairy cows kept inside
Suitable for up to 3 cows or 5 cows drinking at the same time
For wall mounting, but can be installed on floor with feet (not included).
Several frost protection sets available

– Stainless steel trough of 53l or 85l linking sturdiness and food safety. Specially folded non-spill edge to minimize water loss and avoid splashing.
– Galvanised steel reinforcement with anti-torsion bars under the trough.
– The valve is protected against the animals by an insulating double-walled HDPE cover also serving as a first protection from frost.
– 72 l./mn. valve (measured flow rate at 3 bars) with water shut off pin
– ¾” swivel fitting with 2 entries: can be connected to a SPEED-FLOW circulation pump without extra accessories.
– A second HDPE side plate avoids all contact between the animals and the water supply. Its insulating capacity protecting it from frost.
– Big lever foldaway with blocking anti-fall.
– Finger safety.

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Content Litres

LB150,53Litres, LB230,85Litres