PVC 45 Elbow Glue Socket Best Prices


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PVC 45 Elbow Glue Socket Best Prices

45 Degree PVC Elbow turn the direction of flow in a PVC pipe system at a 45 degree angle. These work well for customizing a layout to fit in an existing space when a slight bend is needed. These fittings are commonly used in household plumbing, but may also be seen in commercial settings where cool liquids need to be transported.

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b: 12mm, c: 16mm, d: 20mm, e: 25mm, f: 32mm, g: 40mm, h: 50mm, i: 63mm, j: 75mm, k: 90mm, l: 110mm, m: 125mm, n: 140mm, o: 160mm, p: 200mm, q: 225mm, r: 250mm, s: 280mm, t: 315mm, u: 400mm


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