La Buvette Watering nipples, type DIRECTO PREMIUM


Watering Nipples with adjustable flow.

1/2″ Male Fitting.

Suitable for Low and Standard Pressure.

Connection Male Thread.

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La Buvette

La Buvette Watering nipples, type DIRECTO PREMIUM

Watering nipples with adjustable flow rate without disassembly.

The Directo Premium watering nipple is designed to optimise water consumption in different stages of pig farming

The flow rate is adjusted without disassembly, to the water pressure in the system and the type of animal: less spilling, decrease the slurry volume and control of the production costs.

Any deposits in the water lines can be drained by fully opening the set screw.

To shut off the water supply you only have to fully tighten the set screw.

1/2” male fitting. Suitable for low and standard pressure.

Long life guaranteed by its 3 stainless steel parts (body, tube and spring)

Additional information

Diameter mm

23mm, 19mm