Griffon: Kolmat Fibre Sealing Tape 15mtr (WRAS) Best Prices

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Griffon: Kolmat Fibre Sealing Tape 15mtr (WRAS) Best Prices





Technical Data Sheet.




Field of application

For sealing conical and cylindrical metal and plastic threaded connections. Suitable e.g. for (drinking) water, gas, LPG (gas), (compressed) air and diluted acids and bases.

Applicable for e.g. copper, brass, (galvanised) steel, stainless steel, chrome, zinc, PVC, CPVC and ABS. Gas: up to 5 bar pressure at -20°C – +70°C. Water up to 16 bar pressure at +95 °C, up to 7 bar pressure at +130°C.

· Fibre-reinforced
· Re-adjustable > 180°
· Removable
· Immediately loadable

Quality labels/Standards
ACS: In accordance with the positive lists of ACS (Attestation de Conformité
Sanitaire). Certificate IPL 16 CLP NY 028.
DVGW: Gewindedichtmittels für Gas- und Wasserversorgung. Zertifikat NG-
5142CL0112 (EN 751-2).
Gastec QA: Screw thread sealant for gas-tight sealing of metal threaded pipe
joints, class 8 bar. Certificate Q 014/006 based on GASTEC QA demands 31-2.
KVBG/ARGB: complies with demands
WRAS: Approved for drinking water. WRAS certificate (BS 6920).
EN 751-2: Sealing materials for metallic threaded joints in contact with 1st, 2nd
and 3rd family gasses and hot water. Part 2 Non Hardening jointing compound.


Griffon Fibre seal 12 mm green

15mtr Roll

DVGW/GASTEC/WRAS type Kolmat label NL/FR

Colour: green
Size: 12 mm
Length: 15 m
Type: Kolmat


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Weight0.049 kg
Dimensions83.00 × 83.00 × 20.00 cm