Geothermical energy

Geothermical energy


Alternative and environmental-friendly energy sources

Because of the ongoing price rise of fossil fuel, an increasing demand for alternative and environmental-friendly energy sources, like geothermical energy, arises. Natural gas and gas oil are subjected to price rises. Geothermical energy is environmental-friendly, cheaper, safe and above all an inexhaustible source.
Geothermical energy uses the warmth of the earth to warm up (or cool down) houses, glasshouses etc. To use this kind of energy a sourcing system has to be installed. This system extracts warmth from the earth and sends this to the heat pump.

At Irrigation UK We supply all parts for the pipe system from and to the heat pump, for open resource systems and closed resource systems. In a closed resource system, the pipes for water distribution are installed vertically in a hole in the bottom and connected through a single or double looping.

In an open resource system the ground water transports the energy. To pump up and inject the water, 2 drill wells are used. In the Winter the ground water is being pumped up out of the warm well and the heat pump extracts energy from this warm ground water.

The closed and open resource systems:

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