Cleaning of Water Storage Tank

The importance of water and its usage is certainly in our everyday use. Even the human body has 70% of water to keep it moist and functional. Foreseeing the importance of its storage, the Water storage tanks play a pivotal part.

If we look into the history, the ceramic, wood and stones tanks were often used as a water tank.  With the span of time, the use of technology has brought more advancement in the manufacturing of Water storage tanks. The design of the water tank should not do any kind of harm to the water. It is susceptible to the numerous of ambient harmful influence including viruses, algae, bacteria and the accumulation of minerals and gases.

Where does the Contamination Come From?

The water storage tanks include the variety of origins including its construction, pipes, birds or reptiles’ feces and the intrusions of minerals and gases. The water is used in countless applications from drinking to irrigation. And any kind of water pollution is harmful.

How to Clean the Water Storage Tanks?

Thankfully the cleaning of the water storage tanks can be done in few but essential steps. Drain the water first, use chlorine for its cleaning or leave the grime of baking soda for two to three hours. Scrub all of the material through the sponge and hot water. Once all is done make sure every element is well drained from inside the tanks and its supporting pipe fittings. You can also buy a test strip from the online store or a local hardware. Follow the instructions given on the strip for water testing. If there are no traces of any pathogens or chlorine then you are free to use it.

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