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Bip Tap

The importance of having a Bip Tap in the home, garden or field is something we cannot live without.

Types of Tap:

Let us talk about some basic types of Tap that can be noticed in our surroundings. How different they are in functions and which tap should be installed and where.   Two types ‘Pillar Taps’ and ‘Bib Taps’ are widely known.

Kind of Pillar Taps:

Compression Water Taps: These taps are always available with separate hot and cold-water functions. To control the water and its flow, the ‘washer covered nut’ is moved counter clockwise for opening and closing.

Ball Taps: These taps are recognizable by their single lever handle and rounded cap. These taps come with ball fitting, and also known as a mixer tap; because both hot and cold water is controlled by the same handle. The ball rotates and lines up the different holes, so the water passes easily.

Disk Taps: Disk Taps are single handle mixer taps and can be identified by their wide cylindrical body.

Cartridge Tap: Components in the Cartridge taps are similar to the first three kinds, hence until it is dis-assembled you don’t know which type you are using. They can be both single and double handled.

Kind of Bib Taps:

With a horizontal inlet and a nozzle, it discharges the water in a downward direction.

Long Body Bib Cock: It is a tap with a bent nozzle, fixed at the end of a pipe with an extra length of the nozzle to give space between the wall and the water drop point. The only difference between bib cock and long body bib cock is its nozzle’s length.

Two-way Bib Cock: It is a modern creation to give flexibility whether connecting hand shower or health faucet and are widely used.

By knowing these types, it would be easier for you to make the right choice whenever you decide to install bib taps in your home or garden.


Antique Garden Frog Feature Tap Brass – 1/2″ Male BSP x 12mm: Luckily the Bip Taps are available in beautiful varieties and material. Installing this antique brass tap in your garden will increase its beauty. Available in £19.99 this lovely garden feature is worth buying.

Garden Dragon Feature Tap Brass – 1/2″ Male BSP: If you love history or ancient times, having this Dragon Brass Tap in your garden will be mesmerizing. Available in £19.99, and ready to add value to your backyard.

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