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About Garden Irrigation System

Garden Irrigation Systems in UK

Before we directly move towards buying an irrigation system for our farm or garden lets first understand what exactly the Garden Irrigation System is.

For the beginners and even with the experts, sometimes starting with the garden irrigation system can be discouraging and unclear, because there is too much information claiming that all the available methods are useful for your garden or farm. Believing in every piece of information and implementing it could damage your plants which we never wanted you to experience.

Because each plant needs to be watered differently for their health and well-being, we have added some tips here that could give you a relief that in the end Garden irrigation system is not that difficult. In fact, it is very interesting.

What should we know about the plants?

  • The roots of the plant should be always in focus because roots absorb the water and soil nutrients and not the leaves
  • Depending on the season, the soil, the type of weather and eventually the type of plant should be kept in view when watering it. Plants should be watered only when its needed, excessive watering and moistening the plant results in damage
  • The myths and misconception about watering the plant in morning have no immense weight. The morning, late afternoon or early evening are the best times
  • Using the right tool is very important that could help the roots to absorb water and not stay as a dew on leaves

Now as we know about the information we should have about the Garden irrigation system, it is also important to know the types of garden irrigation and its benefits. Watering by hand or installing an automated system are the two major systems.

An automated system would allow you to spend time in other important work for your garden, since watering each plant by hand is very time-consuming.Dosatron Dosing Pump D3 GL2 Garden Irrigation System UK

Dosatron: Dosing Pump D3-GL2 is a system that is designed for the range of applications from Irrigation to Poultry.  Installing this effective garden irrigation system is highly cost-effective and is available for £612.00. Investing in this equipment would result in far better result whether it’s your garden or Farm.




Irrigation UK is working towards all kind of irrigation services, garden irrigation systems the UK, hence working closely with the recognized brands and distributor. Installing our systems and using its controllers are efficient and user-friendly.

With 25 years of Technical experience, our highly efficient and experienced Team is available to resolve all the irrigational worries. You can contact us from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday and could book an appointment if you want to discuss the irrigation needs with an expert. Our team is comprised of highly competent and Friendly Technical advisor.

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