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We have a large selection of swimming pool pumps,  sand filters,  bead filters and rotary pumps. Here at Irrigation UK we stock  jet pumps, centrifugal pumps and  pressure sets. Irrigation UK have pumps and filters for the smallest inflateable pool to the large swimming pool or the ornamental garden pond to specialist koi ponds.

HYDRO-S  Pressure set 0930166

HYDRO-S Pressure set 0930166

hydro-s Pump Pressure Set 100M Mega Pressure set Complete with 24 ltr. tank, manometer, pressure switch etc. 230 V. R…

Brand: Mega

 Our price : £213.21

HYDROFOR JR 60 PN 0920390

HYDROFOR JR 60 PN 0920390

foras pressure tank set p/n 0920390     Product Type: Foras pressurized sets with steel diaphragm pr…

Brand: FORAS

 Our price : £211.15