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Water Gauges Filters AND Meters

Water gauges, water filters and water meters

 Here  we can help you to monitor pressure levels, temperature levels, flow rates & vaccuum levels. We can also help with the filtration of your drinking water with our comprehensive range of water filters and cartridges. The business of fluid transfer & control is not taken lightly here at  we aim to be able to supply a simple gate valve through to a full water meter, or a modest rainwater gauge through to a full irrigation system all at competitive prices. We also have all the adhesives & tapes to keep those joints leak free and the pliers and wrenches to keep them tight.  If you need pipe, tubing or hoses then please feel free to view other key sections such as PVC pipe fittings and valves (also available in white) or PVC hoses and clips. If you need to isolate the fluid then check out our valve and bib tap section.

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