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Garden Irrigation

Garden Irrigation

With a hose pipe ban imminent, now is the time to save water. Not only will you be helping the enviroment but you will be saving money as well. If you are on a water meter then you are well aware that water is now an expensive commodity. 

Irrigation UK stocks a range of garden irrigation products to suit all budgets and garden irrigation needs. From drip line & soaker hose to water storage tanks, sprinklers and PE pipe. Irrigation UK supplies all you will need to water your garden in an enviromentally, economical and time saving way.

Automatic Garden Watering Systems

Take the strain out of watering your garden. Irrigation UK stocks a range of garden irrigation products to solve your watering problems. Install a garden irrigation water timer and you can even water whilst you are away on your holiday. We stock a range of irrigation water timers complete with electronic displays. The 3/4" Netafim Aqua Pro Irrigation Water Timer Z4995 has 3 independant programs and 2 extra modes and is battery operated.  Irrigation UK also stocks a large range of garden hose and PE & PP pipe for either above or below ground installation.